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Meet Zoe: The NextGen of Change Happens

At the core of the Change Happens Foundation's NextGen initiative, Zoe Nong stands out as a promising figure in modern philanthropy. Her commitment to environmental conservation and education marks her as a key advocate for substantive societal change. Zoe views education as a critical lever for progress, showcasing her deep understanding of its foundational role in shaping a sustainable future.

Zoe's insights often surpass those typical of her peers, particularly her thoughtful approach to racial equity, which aligns closely with the current ethos of philanthropy and resonates strongly with her generation. Zoe is more than a passive observer; she actively seeks solutions to the world's most urgent challenges, demonstrating an inspiring and necessary proactive approach.

Even at 21, Zoe's grasp of the political landscape is impressively mature. Although she has yet to vote in a general election, her political savvy exceeds that of many seasoned voters. This combination of knowledge and involvement is not only remarkable but indicative of her potential to effect meaningful change.

Zoe's influence is characterized by her charisma and determination, which make a lasting impression on everyone she meets. When faced with challenges, she consistently demonstrates her ability to transform them into opportunities for growth and learning.

Proposing Zoe for immediate inclusion on the board, with a clear path to leadership, reflects not just confidence in her abilities but an acknowledgment of her role as a catalyst for progress. Zoe embodies the promise of the next generation and is poised to lead the foundation toward a more just and sustainable future.

Zoe's journey illustrates the impactful convergence of youth, passion, and vision in driving positive change. As her story unfolds, the scope of her influence on philanthropy and beyond is poised to grow significantly. We invite you to join us in supporting Zoe, a vibrant symbol of hope and a testament to the belief that meaningful change is indeed possible.

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